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Baby Massage is one of the most powerful ways to bond between parents and their babies. It helps little ones to develop mentally, physically and socially as well as help them relax. At Link n Learn, we will teach parents massage techniques by Leboyer to soothe, improve sleep and help little tummies. Baby massage classes also offer a room for mothers and fathers to find support and to build confidence as new parents.

Ages: 2-6 months

Sensory Play

It’s time to stimulate your child’s five senses! As soon as babies become mobile, they love to explore their environment with all their senses. Bring your baby or toddler for interesting tactile experiences, creative play, first art experiments, and sometimes even a little messy fun! We are going to try out fascinating materials and teach you simple recipes to create non-toxic sensory play ideas.

Ages: 0.5-2 years

Baby Tunes

Music gives babies a rich sensory experience. Tastes, smells, textures, environments, colors and sounds – these experiences create pathways in their brains to create well-developed and balanced children. Babies learn physically and emotionally. We use movement to music to enhance their experience and prepare them to continue to grow. Parents have the opportunity to work and play with their babies through music and movement in our 45 min. music class. This not only builds their musical knowledge but also builds a stronger bond with the parents.

Ages: 0-3 years

Mommy & Me Let’s Dance

An exciting new way to get fit, have fun, and explore various dance moves together with your child. Come join us–we can’t wait to see you bust a move while making unforgettable memories with one another. 

Ages: 2-4 years
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