Allena Leão is a Brazilian and Italian dancer and teacher. She began her study of dance as young as three years of age, and since then has gained a wide variety of skills and experience in many forms of dance for all ages and abilities.

Allena started her career as a dance teacher in 2010 and has continued teaching and growing in her experience and knowledge of dance. She danced various types of dances, such as Ballet, Modern Dance, Dance-Theater, Contemporary Dance, Somatic Techniques, popular Brazilian dances, Hip-Hop, and Butoh.

She graduated from Angel Vianna University and attained a bachelor’s degree in dance. She is also a qualified and trained ballet instructor to preschoolers and a certified pilates instructor.

With her focus on teaching dance to children, she is passionate about developing confidence and a sense of community in her dance groups. She believes and has lived out the belief that dance can change lives, invoking power and transformation towards an individual’s creativity, emotional and physical health.

Allena received awards at many Festivals and Congresses in Brazil, including international dance awards. Her background in working with various cultures, countries, and languages helps her understand and express many dance and Pilates art forms.

She is passionate about bringing this knowledge and cultural diversity into a dance community for young children to experience.

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Allena Bastista de Leão

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