Eri Funahashi Geen was born in Japan and raised in Japan and Canada.

In 2010 she graduated from Rambert School (UK), obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Prior to her dance degree, she studied Business Management (BA) at Sophia University (Japan).

As a professional dancer, she toured Europe with Schlote Productions GmbH in the operetta Gräfin Mariza. In 2013 she joined Teatrul de Balet, Sibiu (Romania) where she performed in works such as Romeo and Juliet, Four Seasons, Scheherazade, Capriccio Espagnol, and Ionesco Trilogy.

After giving birth and devoting to motherhood for two years, she entered the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts in 2016 and completed her study in Contemporary Dance Education (MA). She has been teaching target groups from children to professionals in various settings such as local schools, choreographic centers, site-specific projects, and universities.

Through exploring the art of movement, Eri aims to stimulate the growth of the child toward independence and self-regulation. She also aims to create a learning environment where creativity and spontaneity are fostered, where the unique expression of each child is treasured, and last but not least, where the children simply have fun.

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Eri Funahashi Geen

Ballet / Contemporary Dance
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