Jana spent her childhood and teenage years in Slovakia as a passionate dancer. She started with ballet, felt in love with jazz and modern dance and later on with contemporary dance. She was one of the youngest dancers in the most acclaimed Slovak Contemporary Dance Theatre Bralen and other well-known dance groups. She worked with various lead choreographers.

At the age of 19 she stopped dancing and moved to Prague to study Media and Communication Studies, where she discovered yoga. Since then yoga became an integral part of her life, while she kept her love for dance. She has been teaching creative dance at pre-schools and elementary schools in the Philippines during the autumn 2006. Back home, in Bratislava, Slovakia, she started a dance class for blind and visually impaired kids.

Jana has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Initially she followed Iyengar yoga classes. Iyengar yoga has its focus on the proper alignment of the body. It has been adapted to Western needs and is especially beneficial for those would like to achieve healthy body. It uses props (e.g. bolsters, blocks, belts), which help tremendously by expectant mothers and new mothers.

In 2010 Jana moved with her husband to Singapore, where she learnt different styles of yoga and took part in various Hatha and Iyengar yoga workshops by acclaimed senior teachers. She has also been following Iyengar Teacher Training and successfully completed the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Pure Yoga Singapore. While in Singapore, she gave birth to her two children, which allowed her to study and understand the adjustment of yoga positions during pregnancy and after giving birth. She is a certified Yoga Teacher of Hatha Yoga and has been teaching yoga in Singapore, including to pregnant women and new mothers.

As a former dancer, she loves to explore and understand subtleties of the body. She admires the power and the variability of yoga. Yoga is especially rewarding for (future) mothers allowing them to “to steal” some time for themselves, to strengthen and stretch their bodies and charge up new energy. It helps with preparing for giving birth and getting back in shape afterwards.

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Jana Sunderman

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

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