Jessica Wallner was born and raised in the home of Rock and Roll, Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 5, she began taking piano lessons as well as becoming involved in musical theater. Her love for music continued through her schooling eventually learning to play percussion as well. While in high school, she participated in every music group she could including marching, concert, and jazz band, and accompanying the choirs and school musicals. During that time, she realized the important role music played in her life and decided to make it a career.

In 2010, Jessica began her college studies at Ohio University to obtain a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy. This degree is a combination of music and psychology. As part of her studies, she was given the opportunity to work with various age groups and various disabilities. During this time, she also continued with private piano lessons as well as being a drumline member of the university’s marching band. The Ohio University Marching 110 is known around the world for its unique style and dance moves. This has allowed Jessica to be a part of a few viral videos on YouTube as well as travel to Europe for the first time, playing in Ireland and Italy.

Upon graduating, Jessica completed an internship with a nonprofit organization providing music therapy for adults with developmental disabilities. Soon after, she became a board-certified music therapist and began working for a private music therapy practice. During that time, her focus was early childhood education as well as adult mental health. She worked with children of all developmental levels enhancing their sensory, emotional, motor skills, and cognitive levels.

In 2017, Jessica and her now husband packed up all their belongings, a cat and a dog, and moved to Frankfurt. She hopes to continue to give every individual a voice through the use of music and music therapy.

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Jessica Wallner

Music / Sensory Play
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