​Juan Urbina was born and raised in Venezuela. He started his performing arts career at a young age doing musical theatre and ballet.

He then moved within the fields of contemporary dance, social care, choreography, and contemporary dance education. He trained at Escuela Taller de Danza de Caracas, Fundación Ballet Las Américas, Pisorrojo (Universidad Central de Venezuela), among others. Juan completed his study in Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

While Juan was living in Dublin city, he led a community dance group with homeless people, and choreographed an evening-length piece called Baile Bua: Sounds Like Celebration in 2017.

He is passionate about advocating for social justice via the medium of dance. He collaborates with Amelia Uzategui in a project called Perfectionism Detox: A Dance with Voices from the South. He also works with Linda Waldhoff in Connecting Communities Dance Project in Münster and Lippstadt.

Juan is very excited to start a new chapter of passing on his love for dance and performing arts to children. He can’t wait to share his knowledge and help prepare fun yet developmentally appropriate and physically challenging dance classes to nurture little dancers.

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Juan Armando Urbina Torrealba

Ballet / Dance
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