Mariam Michael Draeger was born in New Jersey, USA to an Iranian mother and American father. She moved to Germany in the late 90s and has made this her home since. Growing up with three cultures, she was constantly inspired by different lifestyles, people and worlds and soon enough learned how in times of globalization, you can find friends wherever you go.

Whilst in college, she worked as a part-time singer and dancer, and by law school was working in recording studios as a composer and co-producer. Soon enough she decided to make her passion her profession by changing a career path in the legal field to become a ghost writer for pop artists in parts of Eastern Asia and South America. Meanwhile she continued supporting integration projects in a charitable environment.

Over the years Mariam worked her way to more experienced positions, such as head of studio production, art director for stage productions, and project developer for newcomers. As she lives by her passions, she in addition never gave up coaching, having trained both professionals and quite a few youngsters who grew up to be professional singers, actors and models.

In recent history she has begun working behind the scenes in film production, art directing stage productions with 3D animation and is building a career in the horror scene with an international clientele. She uses her experience to hold seminars on presentation skills in business and give workshops for aspiring performers, bands and songwriters.

Mariam has very clear philosophies. Work hard, but do it with passion. Learn skills within the arts that you can later apply to any career path or lifestyle. Be clever and a team player.

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Mariam Michael Draeger

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