Neha Attri was born and raised in India and has lived in Germany since 2014.

She started her journey with public speaking 10 years ago in India and continued it in Germany.

She has been an active participant and board member of Toastmasters International (an elite speech and communication club) and has won a number of international speech contests.

The stage has always been her favorite place; everything from hosting and acting as Master of Ceremonies at multiple events, dancing, and performing with live bands has made her a more confident public speaker and helped her to better adapt to any situation that life can throw at her.

She is a firm believer that the art of communication is something that everyone should learn. As it’s not just about vocabulary, but even more importantly about aspects such as what, when, where, and why we choose certain methods of communication. She also believes that using voice, body language, and gestures is important to create an impact on an audience.

She has always enjoyed working with children. She has previously worked as a teacher and has also supported a public speaking forum to help children under 18 learn to become better communicators and reduce their fear of public speaking.

She is also an Indian classical dancer and a freestyle singer and has a long history of working in theater.

She is excited to take our little champs on a journey that will fill them with courage and self-confidence.

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Neha Attri

Public Speaking
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