Reem was born in Lebanon and raised in the United States.

She later moved back to Lebanon to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and become a Computer Scientist. She was always part of extracurricular activities during her university years and hosted multiple events. Reem loves to work with other students to learn and have fun!

Moving from one country to the other allowed her to become more diverse, learn about different cultures, and meet new people! Traveling is something she truly loves.

Having a Science-based background allowed Reem to discover exciting things about Science. STEAM is essential for kids to create a basic framework to think critically and enhance problem-solving and creativity skills! Teaching kids about Science, Engineering, Technology, etc., is significant to Reem. She likes teaching these things through activities and fun so they can easily be understood.

Science is magic that works!

Reem is a mommy to a little boy and sees him in all other children. She’s passionate about teaching her son all about Science and does the same with the kids in her class. She enjoys working with kids and doing fun activities with them!

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Reem Ramadan

Little Explorers

Little Explorers

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