Rootz Steele was born and raised in Washington, D.C and North Carolina.

With over 25 successful years of touring and performing worldwide with the group Thievery Corporation and with See I Reggae, Arthur Rootz Steele has played at some of the largest festivals in the world as well as some of the most prestigious music venues. He has recorded with numerous producers who represent different genres such as drum, bass, electronica, R & B, trip hop, and Reggae.

Throughout these 25 years of performing, Rootz also spent a significant amount of his time in teaching children with special needs. He utilized his skills as an artist to increase avenues for the children to creatively express themselves. He has also established a number of after school programs that provided underprivileged youth an outlet to create and increase their confidence through music.

Rootz has a genuine connection with children of all ages and looks forward to energizing children, mothers and babies with vibrant rhythms accompanied with their voices in songs that move the soul to dance. Rootz strongly believes that life is better when we share good vibrations, feel the sprit of freedom, and jam!

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Rootz Steele

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