Samantha Greenberg was born in Pennsylvania, lived in New Jersey for two years after, and then grew up in Southern California since she was 10 years old. While growing up in California she was an avid tennis player and began coaching kids at the age of 15. She coached and tutored kids throughout high school.

She then moved to Arizona to study Political Science at Arizona State University. She had a focus on international relations due to her interest in other countries and cultures. As she was studying she began working as Habilitation Therapist for children on the Autism Spectrum. She worked directly under a Speech Therapist. Her work as a habilitation therapist had a large focus on speech, language, and phonics. She was able to observe many different therapists such as music, occupational, and physical therapists and was able to learn through them.

After Samantha finished studying she moved back to California where she continued to work with kids on the Autism Spectrum and began tutoring children again. She tutored math and science. She then traveled to Europe for the first time and loved being apart of all the different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. She decided to get a certificate in Teaching English as a foreign language and then moved to Germany.

Samantha lived in Cologne, Germany for two years. In this time, she worked as a Business English Teacher and worked as an English Teacher at an International Kindergarten while giving private English lessons to kids on the side. While living in Cologne Samantha met her boyfriend. They decided to move to Frankfurt together so he could get his masters degree in the area. Since being in Frankfurt Samantha has been teaching Business English and English to children. She has a passion for education and is excited to continue to teach children in a fun and exciting way and pass on her love of education and learning to others.

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Samantha Greenberg

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