Seli was born in Saarbrücken, Germany to a German father, a musician, and a South Korean mother, a painter and raised in an international household full of arts and music. After high school, she spent 6 months in Korea in an international language school before returning to Germany to pursue her Master’s degree in German and American studies at the University of Mainz.

From 2003 to 2004, Seli worked as a teaching assistant at Austin College in Texas. She especially enjoyed teaching German conversation in creative language classes, creating art projects, discussing literature or movies, or cooking with her student as part of their studies.

During that time, she met her Mexican-British husband. Together, they have been living in Frankfurt since 2006 where Seli worked in online and print marketing and PR in the finance sector and for an NGO leading international campaigns. She also continued to teach German to both adults and children, as a class teacher, private tutor, and translator. In her language classes with young children, she always enjoyed adding a playful creative twist to promote learning.

When she became a mother, Seli closely connected with the expat parents community of Frankfurt by visiting many breastfeeding support groups and baby play groups. As an attachment parent with no close family nearby, she understands how important a strong support network is to build the village that is needed to raise a child, which is why Seli decided to give some of that support back to the community. As an aspiring doula for birth and postpartum care, family educator and baby massage instructor, she can advise young families on topics like breastfeeding, babywearing, natural pregnancy and birth.

Seli’s daughters are raised in German, Spanish and English, so she has first hand experience with children’s amazing ability to learn languages from a very young age. With her children, she often goes out on nature walks or experiments with homemade playdough, finger paint and other fun recipes.

At Link n Learn, Seli’s work as a family educator merges with her experience as a language teacher and her passion as a mother. Through baby massage and creative sensory play and art sessions, she can help you and your child to bond, play and connect with other families.

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Seli Jacome

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