Valentina Bedoya is a Colombia native who developed a love for both people and art as a child. After high school, she lived in England for a year — an eye-opening experience. She learned the world is full of variety, which sparked her curiosity and love of all things international.

Next she studied law and worked in the Colombian parliament as a lawyer focused on human rights. But she realized her true passion was cooking — something it seemed she was doing at every event, and something she realized is both an art and a form of communication. It was back to school — this time culinary school in Argentina.

She founded a popular restaurant and cooking-class center in the city of Cali and became the owner of an arts gallery bistro. And “CHEFS,” a regional cooking show, chose her to become a regular guest presenting what chefs eat at home, an intro to teaching.

She uprooted her life again to move to Germany for the love of her life and now husband. Working with Americans in Frankfurt, Valentina organized cooking classes and discovered a true calling to educate children on nutrition via cooking classes, game days and food adventures.

She has become the owner of a restaurant inside the American consulate with her own pantry products line. She also owns a catering business and organizes cooking classes for kids and adults.

Valentina’s feels at home when she can share what she loves. She’ll give all her love and creativity to your kids.

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Valentina Bedoya

Cooking / Art
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