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Encourage your children to be part of the world of diversity and creativity. Expose them to activities and languages that foster growth and confidence.

Mommy & Me

Leave the house, meet other moms, and learn new skills together with your baby. It’s time to connect with others and bond with your baby!

Mommy & Daddy

Parents aren’t just taxi drivers! While children learn, parents can network and participate in different activities to make the most of their time.

Be part of Link n Learn: Feel Connected, Rooted and Enriched!

International Community and Family

Link n Learn is an English speaking home away from home for international families in Frankfurt to get connected with like-minded people  and be enriched through our selection of classes and activities.

Multiple Languages

By combining fun and creative courses with multiple languages, children are introduced to new cultures and foreign words in a natural way.

Talent Show and Family Connection

Through our biannual show-and-tell event, we provide an on-stage learning experience for children, boosting their confidence and whilst creating a space for families to connect with one another.


We help children discover their hidden treasures and encourage them to shine in who they are. All our classes are designed to build their confidence through developing their gifts and talents.

Diverse and Parallel Program

We offer various courses in one central location for babies to teenagers. We also include parallel classes for families with younger or older siblings.


Link n Learn offers diversity under one roof. Children will grow and get to know friends from different parts of the world.

Link n Learn - be part - feel connected, rooted and enriched
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