Music plays an incredibly important part in our everyday lives. Music enhances children’s brain pathways, assists language development, builds self-confidence and brings joy. Here at Link n Learn, we see children thrive in our programs as they experience a new world of music created around them and by them.

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Learning self-confidence and self-discipline from an early age is especially important in a global environment. Through our Public Speaking, Musical Theatre and Drama classes, we aim to teach children to express themselves via acting, singing, public speaking and dancing. This will prepare them to present and communicate with confidence.

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Watch the children twirl and swirl as they learn physical strength, stamina and control and grow their confidence. Kids gain a creative outlet, allowing them to express themselves while developing coordination during important growth stages in their childhood. Their little bodies will learn a greater range of movement as they develop the ability to work within a group for a greater goal, while building their social skills.

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Link n Learn - Just Us - Math Science


We’ll take a hands-on and fun approach to help children explore the world of math and science, even at a young age. Math and science learned early in life lays the building blocks for future success in multiple areas of learning. Our playful math classes will help children develop the concepts of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, sequencing and problem solving skills. And in science, kids will get hands-on learning experiences.

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Link n learn - Just us - Cooking - Main


Even at an early age, cooking can provide amazing benefits to children. It is one of the few activities that engages all senses. Cooking classes expose children to a higher level of creativity and help them practice basic math concepts and language skills. In addition, the art lays the foundation for healthy eating habits by expanding children’s palates and enabling them to try a variety of foods. Most importantly perhaps, it allows the chance to eat culinary creations of their own.

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Language, Arts & Crafts

Kids learn new languages the most effectively when it’s combined by fun activities. At Link n Learn, we help kids to get exposed to new languages through creativity. Art is a language spoken by all. Through our language, arts and crafts classes, we aim to create a common ground for children coming from different cultures, backgrounds, races and interests. Art not only requires creativity but also helps build fine motor skills and develop problem-solving abilities and perseverance. It is our purpose to help children reach a new level of creativity, enabling them to explore the endless joy of creation as they learn new languages.

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