Drama & Theatre

Link n Learn is very excited to present the new Drama & Theatre class for our children. Theatre allows us, from a young age, to harness our imagination. Our aim is to teach children to express themselves both verbally and through facial expression and body language in a nurturing environment. They will learn to improvise, be creative and work in teams. Every quarter, children will learn new skills as well as theatre-related games, that will build towards putting on a performance at the end of every term.

Ages: 3.5-6 years
Link n Learn - Just us - Musical Theater Class - Musical theater

Musical Theatre

Children will bring their musical and acting chops to bear in a high caliber production on stage, allowing them to develop their budding artistic talent. The little actors will learn discipline, voice projection, stage presence and confidence through our musical theatre class.

Ages: 6-9 years
Link n learn - Just Us - Magical Musical

Magical Musical

Link n Learn is proud to present the Magical Musical course for our children. Every quarter we will introduce a new fairy tale-themed course. Children will use their imaginations and bring it to life with acting, singing and dancing. With our special curriculum, we enable children to express their creativity while building important musical knowledge and putting on a high-class production.

Ages: 3-6 years
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