Section 1: Registration & Payment

1.1 A one-time registration fee of Euro 40.00 is required to process the application.

1.2 Registration is considered complete only upon the payment of the tuition fee.

1.3 No refunds will be granted once registration and payment are confirmed.

Section 2: Tuition

2.1 The tuition fee is due one week before the commencement of the course, which spans 7 to 13 weeks per term.

2.2 Additional charges may apply for specific classes (cooking, baking, little explorers, sensory, and arts & crafts) to cover ingredient and supply costs.

Section 3: Cancelled Classes

3.1 Classes missed due to contractor fault may be rescheduled, or pro-rata tuition refunded.

3.2 No obligation exists to make up for student-cancelled or missed classes, except for cases of extended illness exceeding 4 weeks, with prorated tuition waived from the 5th week onwards, verified by a doctor’s certificate.

Section 4: Liability

4.1 Students or parents/guardians are liable for any property or personal damage.

4.2 Instructors and Link n Learn are not liable for accidents or injuries outside of teaching hours.

4.3 Prenatal participants must have physician approval; postnatal participants are responsible for themselves and their babies; parent & me class participants are responsible for their children.

Section 5: Allergy

5.1 Participants must inform Link n Learn of any allergies or intolerances before the course begins, particularly for cooking and baking classes.

Section 6: Minimum Number of Participants

6.1 Link n Learn reserves the right to cancel group courses with fewer than 6 participants.

Section 7: Cancellation & Auto-renewal

7.1 Classes may be canceled in writing with a minimum three-week notice before term end.

7.2 Schedule changes must be communicated via email no later than three weeks before the term end.

Section 8: Wellness Policy

8.1 Ill children (fever, stomach flu, etc.) are prohibited from participating to prevent infection.

Section 9: Lost Items

9.1 Link n Learn is not responsible for any lost or stolen items on the premises.

Section 10: Link n Learn Program

10.1 Link n Learn reserves the right to cancel, modify classes, programs, and change instructors.

Section 11: Force Majeure

11.1 In the event of force majeure, parties may postpone obligations. Immediate notification is required for such occurrences.

Section 12: Crediting of Payments

12.1 The contractor may apply payments received to older debts and offset dunning and interest costs before applying payments to tuition.

Section 13: Bill

13.1 Renumeration cannot be reduced unless for undisputed or legally established customer claims.

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