1 year, a Cause for Celebration!

What a year it has been, and how many incredible things have developed in the past year. We are so grateful to have had you all be part our journey thus far, in whatever capacity that may have been.

Despite cold weather and what seemed many cancellations on the start of the Saturday, we were warmly surprised to have a full house of parents, kids, friends, and teachers. A mixture of joy and nostalgia mixed into the celebratory spirit of the day that followed.

From all our classes we were able to share a snippet of the incredible things they had been doing in the year past. A wonderful show was put on, and along with that we could see the journey of all the kids (and K-Pop adults) who have grown incredibly this year. We are so proud of each of you.

The gratitude continues when we reflect on teachers who have been part of Link n Learn and those who have just started, each one has been a vital patch in the fabric that made our blanket community and family.

Ending of a year sadly can bring goodbyes, we will greatly miss Mariam, but know we will see her around soon enough. But we are also grateful for the coming of our newest faces Eri, Evan, and Ioulia, welcome to the Family!

Lastly, we want to thank each of you again from the bottom of our hearts. This dream would not be possible without you. We cannot wait to be reunited in the New Year!



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