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Breathtakingly Beautiful Clean Slates

Unless I did not take hold of all I experienced in the past, put it on a shelf, and brought my hopes and dreams with me to a new place; I would have never been able find peace in where I have ended up. Neither would I have ever been able to feel like I […]

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Frankfurt on Wheels: The German Experience

I was given an abrupt wake-up call on my first day in Germany when I was scolded while walking to the store for being in the bike lane. Little did I know that the two-toned sidewalk signified two very different lanes—bike and pedestrian. Or as I think of it: the make-it-home-with-all-your-groceries lane and the risk-being-roadkill […]

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Expat Stories Series - Amy Wilkins 04

Frankfurt Life to the Fullest Part 4: Community

This is the final installment of the four-part series “Frankfurt Life to the Fullest” in which contributor Amy Wilkins is sharing reflections on how her family made the most of their two-year expat assignment in Frankfurt.   PART FOUR:  Community Life as an expat can be filled with dichotomies, ups and downs, highs and lows.  […]

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