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COVID-19 Special: It’s been 3 weeks. The five stages of Corona Lockdown!

It’s been 3 weeks…

Honestly, I feel like I’ve lost a little something. I feel like I’m grieving the life I used to have. The freedom… The full shelves… Peeing without an audience…

The Stages of Grief are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling in hard times. They are part of the framework that helps us to live with the thing we feel we lost.

With that in mind, and without further a due, I give you:

The Five stages of Corona Lockdown – Inner Conversation Style

  1. Denial – The it’s not so bad Stage

“OK. So we’re home. I’m fine. It’s fine. We’re fine.” 

There’s a little sun coming in through the window reminding you of an entire world to be discovered… 

“I have my coffee. I’m fine. After all, I am with my closest family. I’m actually lucky. It’s fine. Plus, being inside means there’s absolutely no chance of being attacked by a bear… So… We’re fine.”  

  1. Anger – The !#@$%^& Stage

You will feel frustration, irritation and anxiety.

“Does my boss realise I’m on Lock Down with my closest family?!”

“No, for the millionth time, no! You can’t cut your own hair!”

“How the hell am I suppose to keep these kids busy inside all day?”

“Why do people keep sending me links on how to keep my kids busy all day? Where’s the Margarita and G&T cupcake recipes to help me cope with this?!”

You might also scream into a pillow at some point… 

  1. Bargaining – The I can fix this Stage

“It’s honestly not that bad.” or  “I’ll most likely survive and live to tell the tale.” or “They won’t put us in lock down for like, 6 weeks.” or “No way it can get any worse than it is.” or “We’ll be in Austria for Easter.” or “I bet the shop will have toilet paper tomorrow.” 

Sure, keep telling yourself all of this…

There is, unfortunately, only one way to fix this. STAY HOME!

  1. Depression –  The It’s all just meaningless Stage

“Sat and watched the kids play Slaps Giving. Had no feelings about that. Arrggg. This room again. Was it always so dark in here? Who cares if it’s light or dark. It’s always the same. Everything’s the same.” 

You then proceed to eat your feelings.

  1. Acceptance – The New (but temporary) normal Stage

*Looking at a MEME on Facebook/Instagram: “That’s inappropriate and hilarious at the same time. I’m sending this to someone who loves/needs a laugh.”

*Standing in front of the fridge: “I’m not hungry, I’m bored.”

*Speaking to your children: “Let’s go for a quick walk. It’s beautiful outside. It’s scary, luckily not bear scary, but scary at the moment. But we’re safe together.”

*Speaking to your partner: “Let’s help each other keep sane in this insane time.”

*Talking to your friends via WA/Skype/Zoom etc.: “I’m going to hug you guys so tight when I see you again. Stay safe!”

These are not stops to check off in your Corona journey. You might hit all 5 in one day, and start all over again the next morning. 

The reality of this situation will most likely only hit most of us after it’s over. 

We can however, stay positive about it all.

The most important thing to remember is this:

Whether you think this is serious or not, the sooner you comply to staying home,the sooner we can go back to life. It’s as simple as that.

And obviously not back to life as we know it, because, let’s face it, life will never ever be the same again.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This might be exactly the push we needed to support the small businesses around us. This might be exactly the time you and your family needed together. This might be the wake-up call you needed to slow down your busy schedule. 

Life changes. And it’s OK.

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