Evi was born and raised in Greece. Evi’s journey into the world of dance started since she was 4 years old. Although she initially pursued studies in finance management and engineering, her true passion for dance led her to make a bold decision at the age of 20. Realizing her heart lay in the rhythm of movement rather than numbers, she shifted her focus to becoming a dance teacher.

Evi’s dedication and talent didn’t go unnoticed; her own dance teacher selected her to be an assistant, recognizing her potential and commitment. From there, Evi’s journey blossomed as she performed in numerous dance competitions and shows, gracing stages with her dynamic presence.

Since 2014, Evi has been sharing her love for dance as a dance teacher, teaching a diverse array of styles including HipHop, Street Dance, Pop Dance, Ballet, Latin American dance, and Aerial hoop dance. Her experience isn’t limited to dance alone; she has also been part of an acrobatic group, participated in competitions, and even practiced Karate, showcasing her extensive background in sports. Evi holds a license as a sports trainer, further solidifying her expertise.

Currently, Evi is expanding her knowledge by studying to become a dance therapist, blending her passion for movement with the healing arts. Her mission is to help individuals discover their best selves through the transformative power of dance therapy. Evi’s love for children and her dedication to nurturing young talent shine through in her teaching, as she passionately works to instill a love of dance in every child she teaches.

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Evi Katsogianni

Dance / Sports
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