Little Explorers

Kids are naturally curious and thrive through hands-on learning. At Little Explorers, we make the most of this by offering exciting experiments that ignite their interests. Our hands-on classes empower children to create, discover, and explore the exciting world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). Join us for an engaging journey of exploration!

Ages: 4-8, 6-10 years

Lego & Engineering

Unlock your child’s creativity and innovation with our captivating Lego and Engineering class. Designed for curious minds, this hands-on experience combines the magic of Lego building and engineering. Through imaginative challenges and guided projects, young participants will learn to design, construct, and problem-solve, all while having a blast. Join us to inspire your child’s love for science, technology, and design in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Ages: 5-10, 8-12 years
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