Aisling Hayes is an Irish actor and musician currently based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Her love for music and performing developed at an early age, coming from a musical family, which is not uncommon in Ireland.

After moving to Germany in her teens, she received an acting scholarship from the Peter Ustinov foundation. She appeared in various productions at the English Theatre and the Gallus Theater in Frankfurt, as well as working with “Shakespeare Frankfurt”.

Aisling provides a unique perspective, being able to relate to the experience of uprooting a lot of what is familiar and changing your surroundings in one’s formative years and how to navigate life in a new country through that adolescent gaze.

Currently Aisling is studying jazz vocals and piano at the Dr. Hochs Conservatory.

When not at Link n Learn, you can find her performing, writing poetry, working on her own music, and many other mediums in the world of creative expression.

Aisling is a firm believer in the power and benefits of self-expression and works to encourage children to explore all facets of possibility when it comes to their creativity.

She believes that learning and growth is a collaborative process and strives towards transparency and creating a safe space where children are comfortable and can gain as much as possible from her classes. Aisling is passionate about sharing her love for music and theater. Ultimately bestowing upon children the tools to thrive and nurture their curiosity and innate artistry.

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Aisling Hayes

Musical / Theater
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