Anat Kozlov was born in Israel, where she spent most of her life.

Curiosity, thirst for knowledge and adventure as well as a desire to experience new cultures brought her to Germany.

Anat holds a teaching certificate and a master’s degree in geography from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. After acquiring an Israeli tour guide license, she worked as a tour guide for years, guiding diverse groups of people from all over the world. She also worked as a teacher of geography and nature for children.

Anat’s passion has always been cooking so weekends were often devoted to cooking healthy and delicious food for family and friends. Thanks to her vast experience in the fields of cooking, Anat quickly got established in Frankfurt when she came to Germany with her family as an expat. She initiated different cooking workshops, specialising in introducing Israeli culture and Jewish tradition through Jewish cuisine. She also held different workshops about international kitchen with an emphasis of Mediterranean cuisine.

The idea of ​​initiating cooking workshops stems from the experience Anat had with her little daughter. While she prepared lunch boxes for her kids, her daughter and her daughter’s friends joined her and they ended up preparing lunch together. Cooking with children became a very enjoyable teaching and learning experience.

In recent years, Anat held cooking workshops for children with an emphasis on a healthy and proper diet. The workshops were held at the Jewish school in Frankfurt. She is very proud to be able to combine two of her passions, cooking and teaching and share them with children.

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Anat Kozlov

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