Ioulia Kokkokiou Born in Greece, was exposed to expert dance methods and trainings – such as Graham and Hawkins through private dance education in Thessaloniki. In October 2016, she enrolled in the Master of Contemporary Dance Education at HfMDK (Frankfurt Am Main) where she diversified her training, working with different cultures and backgrounds, whilst deepening and gaining new artistic tools and skills to work with children. Since she realized she has a passion to work with kids!

During her years in Greece, Ioulia collaborated with professional artists and performed and renowned concert halls. When since she moved to Germany she also has collaborated with many talented artists.

As a dance teacher, Ioulia taught ballet, modern and contemporary dance classes in several private dance schools. Throughout the two years of the master program, Ioulia taught contemporary dance classes in at higher education institutions around Germany, Cyprus and Finland!

Ioulia understands dance as a strong medium of communication and as a type of language unique for everyone. Therefore, Ioulia focuses on creating an educational and artistic environment where she investigates group processes and dynamics and the relationship between the individual and the group. She also aims to reinforce children’s creativity and self-expression, to cultivate self-awareness and to transmit joy through dancing!

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Ioulia Kokkokiou

Ballet / Contemporary Dance
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