Moriah-Jane is a music therapist, theatre pedagogue and performer, from Cape Town, South Africa. But has been living in Frankfurt, Germany since 2017, and has made it her home with her German husband.

Moriah-Jane has been in the arts since she could walk and talk, but had a passion for music and theatre. Though loves performing, from conducting or playing in orchestras, to film or in musicals, her heartbeat is for how the arts can be used to give a voice to individuals.

Moriah-Jane graduated with a music therapy degree, with a minor in drama and speech therapy facilitation. This and her diverse experiences growing up around the world (fun fact: she has three passports) has had an impact on how she leads the pedagogical process and journey with the children and families she encounters.

When she is not at Link n Learn, she’s either running therapy sessions with clients, or heading up her creative therapy project, The Inspired Project, which works to bring inspiration and healing, targeted towards women, but open for all. She herself is also passionate about creating music, art and movement, because ultimately if she can live out her creativity she can pass the tools onto others.

At the end of the day, her heart is to equip each child with their unique voice, and she believes that music is a powerful tool to do so. Music has the ability to heal and build. Therefore it is her passion to call out each child’s unique voice and give them space to express themselves through music.

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Moriah Jane Lorentz

Music / Theatre
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