Neal is an artist and architect currently living in Offenbach am Main.

Growing up binational with a German mother and an Irish father has always made him interested in ideas of living and cultural heritage.

Living in rural Germany, music and stories were the sources of his early idea of Ireland.
Drawing, painting, singing, performing, and an interest in the world beyond his area have been fundamental in his childhood.

After his Abitur, he traveled to get inspiration for the future. The buildings and culture of New York City and Rome led him to study architecture in Frankfurt. After his BA, he knew that his interests lie more in the field of arts, and he experimented with various mediums and in collective projects.
Since 2022 Neal studies fine arts at Städelschule Frankfurt, currently focusing on moving images and narratives.

Having taught English to young kids in school and experiencing the joy of various creative workshops with children, he is very much looking forward to creating creative classes again.

He firmly believes that learning always happens in dialogue and is very happy to grow together with creative minds at Link n Learn.

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Neal Hoey

Art / Filmmaking
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