Patience Chisanga is a seasoned Radio and Television Broadcaster who has seamlessly transitioned into a multifaceted career as a Freelance Corporate Communications Expert, Event Moderator, Speaker, and Presentation Coach. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings a wealth of experience and accolades to her dynamic journey.

Throughout her career marked by excellence, Patience has received awards for her adept broadcasting skills. Her expertise extends beyond the studio, encompassing roles in corporate communication where she has demonstrated a keen ability to craft compelling messages, drive brand awareness, and refine the public speaking skills of individuals and organizations. Engaging diverse audiences, ranging from stakeholders and clients to employees and the media, her involvement in corporate events is characterized by the facilitation of conversations that provide valuable insights and contribute to the shaping of organizational narratives.

As a Radio/Television Broadcaster, Patience is a storyteller who breathes life into narratives, delivering messages that inform, inspire, and captivate. Her commitment to nurturing confident and inspiring speakers led her to become a skilled Presentation Coach, empowering countless individuals to deliver memorable talks by harnessing their unique strengths and styles while instilling essential techniques for charismatic delivery.

A Distinguished Toastmaster recognized by Toastmasters International, a Mandela Washington Fellow under Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, and a Global Shaper Alumni associated with the World Economic Forum, Patience is committed to continuous learning and global engagement. Her accolades as a Public Speaking Champion, including being a Top 10 finalist in the Southern African Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 2021 and securing the Second Place at the Frankfurt, Division F International Speech Contest in 2022, underscore her proficiency in the art of public speaking.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Patience dedicates her time to teaching individuals and organizations how to build their brand and communicate with impact. Furthermore, she runs a Non-Profit Organization called Women in Media 4 Change, focusing on mentoring, supporting, and empowering youth and women to transcend the limits of society. Given her extensive background in public speaking and communication, Patience is well-positioned to impart valuable lessons on presence in public speaking and singing, offering a unique perspective that combines her expertise and passion for empowering the next generation.

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Patience Chisanga-Mayer

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