Raha Dehghani Vinicheh, born in 1995 in Iran, is a versatile visual artist, dancer, and choreographer. Holding a bachelor’s degree in painting, she explored various artistic mediums such as video art, drawing, textiles, sound dance, and performance.

Expanding her artistic horizons, Raha pursued a Master’s degree in choreography and performance in Giessen, Germany. Currently immersed in her master’s research, she delves into choreographing experiences related to the theme of “waiting.”

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Raha has a history of working with children, teaching painting and creative classes in Iran. Her passion for dance and visual arts, combined with her experience working with children, aligns seamlessly with Link n Learn’s ethos of fostering creativity and building confidence in young minds.

Raha envisions Link n Learn as an opportunity to extend her commitment to creating an environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. With a background that includes instructing dance and painting techniques, she aims to instill qualities like organization, effective communication, and the importance of laughter in the young minds she works with.

Having started her journey at Shahdan Club in Tehran, Raha gained valuable experience that set the stage for her work with kids in various settings. As an instructor, she not only imparts artistic skills but also guides children in utilizing visual materials, fostering creativity, and finding joy in their endeavors.

Raha cherishes the art of being present in the moment, embracing both the smooth and the challenging aspects, inspired by the honesty expressed by the young minds she encounters. She looks forward to cultivating more moments of connection and genuine expression in the enriching environment of Link n Learn, aligning with her vision of establishing a space where both children and parents feel connected, rooted, and enriched.

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Raha Dehghani Vinicheh

Dance / Art
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