Stefania Locatelli was born and raised in the beautiful town of Bergamo, in the North of Italy, where she has dedicated her life to education and the joy of learning. She holds two degrees in Educational Sciences and Primary Education from the University Milano-Bicocca in Milan and has over a decade of experience as a kindergarten teacher and manager.

Since moving to Frankfurt in 2020, Stefania has continued to inspire young minds through various educational activities and workshops. She loves cooking, especially Italian cuisine. Known for her expertise in Italian dishes, which are adored worldwide, she seamlessly combines her culinary skills with her passion for teaching. Organizing cooking lessons and workshops for children allows her to share her love for food and education in a fun and engaging way.

A mother of three children, Stefania speaks Italian, English, French, and German. She is also a passionate traveler, having explored diverse cultures across Africa, Australia, and the Far East. Her dynamic personality and commitment to social activities, including her roles as a community educator and active member of various non-profit organizations, make her a precious asset to our team.

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Stefania Locatelli


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